.art of [ sex. sex ] for art.

24 art sluts carefully selected.
6 weeks of on-line experience.
48h of off-line climax.
Food orgasms.
Slow sex.

The online journey starts on the 5th of November 2022 to climax on the 10th/11th of December when we all meet.

What's the deal?

bullshit-free spirit sex

The word sexplorer gives you urticaria, you cannot digest the sugar-coated hippie litany nor penetrate safely the sweaty dungeons. Your skeptical mind hasn’t found yet your playground. Your people. You crave to go deep. Real. Raw. Slowly. 

mind-fucking erotic art

Self-explore your psyche with thought-provoking and dopamine-raising erotic art. Let it cracks your beliefs and use your mind to unlock your sex creativity. Reduce the noise, to hear the music of your body.  

NFT: Nice Fucking Talks

And the sound when like-minded brains (c)lick? For those who like feeling naked, still with clothes on. And turned on by sharp-witted and unusual people. Thought-through ideas for the souls audacious enough to be vulnerable. Coitus ergo sum. 

exquisitely curated ppl

24 smart-asses carefully selected to create a collective human piece of art. Bold enough to dig into what it means to be free in who you are. Show us your weird, we’ll show you why you should love it. 

Eros, give us good sex or give us radishes

" her body spasming and bucking, hips to the ceiling in wave after wave "

- Next self-exhibition: December 2022

how to stay true to yourself while not having any idea who you are 

exclusive and eye-opening fine art self-exhibitions.

Art. Slow sex. Electro. Food. Art. Slow sex. Electro. Food. Art. Slow sex. Electro. Food. Art. Slow sex. Electro. Food. Art. Slow sex. Electro. Food. Art. Slow sex. Electro. Food. Art. Slow sex. Electro. Food. 

Your most erogenous zone is your brain.

Don't mute it.

Who the fuck am I?


Founder (who foundyou?) of That’s fucking art

Co-founder of We Feast

Sarcasm 80%
Existentialism 60%

I use “fuck” like I use parsley in my tabbouleh: a lot. Tried to be desirable as the last drop of a cocktail too much in my life. Tired of glittery decorum, Instagram spiritual-sex coaches advice, and bullshit around any orthodox intimacy protocol. Ready for losing who I think I am. Ready for creating experiences where we feel the blood rushing in our bodies, witnessing our depth, freedom, and silliness fucking cheerfully. Ready for showing my tongue more often. And meeting you. 

Who is behind the curtains?

Unknown yet

Sex therapist


Unknown yet

Art therapist


Unknown yet



Unknown yet


Now it's time to stop rubbing your nipples

Because it’s time to apply


Is it an orgy, like, really? Is the food included? Can I bring my eco-friendly glitters? Where are my keys?

No time for cosmic existential shilly-shally.

Fill out a wacky form and book a 19-minute interview with me.

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